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About CorpBot

Corporate Matters in Hand

CorpBot is a StartUp and so we also know how a SME or Startup Owner feel in this business journey.

Like all other SMEs or Startups around the world, we have numerous kinds of financial, compliance and corporate matters surrounding us everyday - from new company registration, invoicing and receipts, bills collection and payments, accounting and book-keeping, payroll and pension administration, company secretary and corporate services, legal documents and contracts, and others. 

The traditional way is to look for manual process, either in-house or outsourced service provider.   No matter which path you choose, it is labour intensive, bureaucratic, time-consuming; and most importantly, utilising your limited resources in an unproductive way.


CorpBot vision is to streamline all these business processes via a Single All-in-One Digital Mobile Platform.   And Owner can manage it easily via finger tips. 


Owner should focus on the Business itself.  


Let CorpBot handles all your corporate matters.

Bird's Eye View Meeting Table

Meet The Team

Sabrina LAM

Co-founder & Chief Architect


Co-founder & Chief Strategist

Norman LAM

Co-founder & Chief Engineer
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